Natural Hair Problems

We got 99 problems but new growth ain't one. Hit me!

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23 Perfect Halloween Costume Ideas For People With Natural Hair

so many great ideas here, including links to tutorials!

Trinidad James

Dionne from Clueless

Lupita Nyong’o

Marge Simpson

Diana Ross

Felisha from Friday

all the best ones are in this post! if you do any of them id love to see pictures!!

If you like Little Known Black History Facts, take a min to vote for its founder!

hello my darling naturals! :)

i know its been forever since ive updated Natural Hair Problems, but im still around! hopefully you’ve been keeping up with me and the stuff ive been creating at buzzfeed and on twitter. im very happy to announce that ive been nomincated for the Women’s Media Center’s Social Media Award!

voting for the award is open now, and i’d love if if you’d take a minute or two to cast a vote for lil ol me (my name is Tracy Clayton).

thanks much! :-D <3



I’m very pleased and thrilled to announce that I’ve been nominated for the Women’s Media Center’s Social Media Award. It’s a really cool award from a fantastic foundation, and I listed this blog as one of the social media endeavors that I am most proud of.


If you’ve…


18 Little Known Black History Facts, illustrated by the amazing Xavier Payne!

Check em out!!

eeeeep so good!!!

12 Great Gift Ideas For The Natural Haired Person In Your Life

great suggestions, from steamers to stocking stuffers! happy shopping/wishlist making!

Small Business Saturday Sale!

today, all youth ‘kinky & curly & coily & awesome’ shirts are just $10!! GO GO GO! tell a friend!

16 Bounce Remixes You Never Knew You Needed (But You Totally Do)

hey yall!

just started my new gig at BuzzFeed (hence the recent radio silence), and my first post went up today! but your booty bouncin shoes on and check it out!

Vote for @chescaleigh for InStyle's Best Hair Inspiration! 15 minutes left!

just 15 minutes left guys! let’s show everybody that natural hair is worth the envy!!

you can refresh and vote as many times as you want so click til your fingers  fall off!!


she’s Franchesa Ramsey, the lovely locked wonder in the middle there!

we got til midnight and the lead is tight! go go go go go!!


hey loves! sorry for the lack of updates but i’ve been sooooo super busy.. i’m working for The Root as their Grapevine editor and I wanted to share this clip and piece about comedian Sheryl Underwood railing against natural hair on her show ‘The Talk,’ calling it “nasty,” “nappy,” and “beady” while praising her co-hosts’ hair as “long,” “silky,” and “beautiful.” so sad.

watch the clip here.

hope all is well in your lands!