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We got 99 problems but new growth ain't one. Hit me!

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Greetings brethren and sistren!

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lovemycurlssss said: I absolutely love this!! I just started a blog just about my hair and I came across this when searching. Most of these posts make me weak and I love it!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

aw, thanks!!  so glad you like it!  i’ll be sure to give you a follow! :-D

ghostfacetony2fingers said: How can I get those tee shirts you are wearing the nappy is not a bad word one and the purple one. Also do you have toddle sizes

hey!  i sell the shirts myself at big cartel!  you can find the store here:  brokeymcpoverty.bigcartel.com.  i have kids’ sizes in the purple shirt, but unfortunately not in the ‘nappy is not a bad word’ shirts :(  the smallest kid’s size i carry is a small.. not quite toddler sized (unless you have a big toddler) but s/he can definitely grow into it! 

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daynaashleyallthetime said: Hello :) Ive been natural for about a year and a half. I Have 4c hair and it gets dry. I'm Thinking about adding Highlights, What kind of brands of hair dye would be Good for me? I don't want to add Bleach to my hair. I want Burgundy & Auburn Highlights. Thanks so much. :)

unfortunately i’m the wroooong person to ask about dying :-(  there’s quite a bit of information on dye and such at CurlyNikki.com.. i’d be scared any advice i’d give you would make your hair fall out. lol!

i hope you find something that works!  good luck!

missxnia said: Lol so I definitely just scrolled through your entire blog. You're AMAZING and I found myself saying OMG and YES to the majority of the problems and perks I read. I love your blog!

aw, thanks so much!  i hope you’ll keep checking in!  you gotta be patient with me tho.. sometimes updates take awhile.  but as long as i have this mane on my head there will be plenty to rant about!  :-D thanks so much for the kind words!

beautiful-ambition said: You're amazing. I do need to find a good deep conditioner because I don't think what I'm using always conditions like I need it to. I do have the olive oil deep conditioner though. I don't use sulfates on my hair and I so use extra virgin olive oil. I'm using mostly Shea Moisture products at the moment, I used to only use raw shea butter but i ran out. Thank you for your advice! I appreciate it! Also, do you have a technique for trimming your own hair?

i see.. i’d definitely suggest a sulfate wash and an apple cider vinegar rinse then.. buildup just might be your problem. 

i try to do everything in my power to not trim my own hair because im terrified of chopping a chunk off, lol.. im very accident prone :(  the one time i did, though, i used a technique called dusting.. basically you twist your hair in medium sized twists and snip off the damaged portions at the end.  i didn’t see much of a change or difference in my hair, but i was probably just too timid with the scissors.  i gave up and just went to have someone else do it.

good luck!  my fingers are crossed for you!

Evolution Of A Queen: Natural Hair Help!!


I am still trying to figure out what works for my hair and I just recently revamped my entire skin and hair care collection to get rid of mineral oil and sulfates. However, my scalp and hair feel drier without all that heavy stuff and I’m frustrated. I do think I like…

here are a few thoughts:

are you deep conditioning well and regularly?  the importance of a deep conditioning can NOT be understated; i recommend doing it every time you wash your hair with a sulfate shampoo.

speaking of washing, are you doing no-poo/conditioner cleanses only?  if so, i’d still suggest washing with a sulfate at least once a month, because it’s very easy to amass buildup even when you’re being careful to prevent it.  also, try an apple cider vinegar rinse; that’s great for removing build up and whipping the hair cuticle back into shape, improving moisture retention.

think about incorporating regular, kitchen-found items into your regimen.  extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc. can do as well for—if not better than—store bought, often expensive products.  coconut oil and tea tree oil are VERY good for a dry scalp.  find yourself a good conditioner (i recommend trader joe’s nourish spa conditioner), add an oil of your choice (i recommend avocado oil), and also add some raw honey which has *amazing* moisturizing properties.  the oil and honey turn the conditioner in to an absolute beast of a moisturizing and softening agent. 

do you sleep on silk or satin at night?  cotton and other fabrics can be harsh and suck all the moisture out of your hair.  invest in a silk or satin scarf or pillow case!

do you seal your hair?  that’s also great for locking in moisture; after washing and conditioning, moisturize with a water based product, then apply an oil of your choice.  it seals the hair shaft, keeping the moisturizing goodness in.

i wrote about ways to keep your natural hair moisturized here; it also contains some product recs.  i hope that helped some!

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