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pussysauce-deactivated20120731 said: Hi there, i'm 100% natural I have been for awhile however i've been straightening it with a blow dryer & flat iron & I believe that that may be one of the reasons my hair is so severely damaged! even though I don't flat iron it everyday i'm hearing alot of different things but I was wondering if you knew how I could repair my damaged hair? my hair is long but now I have to chop alot off for it to be able to grow back long & healthy :'( what are my do's & don'ts? i've been trying to research & fi

hey!  thanks for writing!  i definitely identify with your problem.. i’m so terrified of heat damaging my hair that i rarely use it.. i’ve had a few scares before, but was thankfully able to love my hair back to it’s normal sproinginess.  don’t get too excited though—prolonged heat usage CAN and WILL ruin your hair pattern to the point of no return if you use it too frequently without following proper precautions and practices.

check out this post on the Natural Hair Problems Wordpress blog — someone had a similar question, and the answer contains information & tips on how to protect your hair from heat styling, and ways that MIGHT help love it back to life if you push it a little too much.  check out this link on straightening without heat damage, too.

some things i’d like to note:

-it’s good that you’re gonna go ahead and cut off your dead & damaged ends and lay it to rest.  no use holding on to dead, damaged ends; they’ll only continue to ravage your hair as new healthy hair grows in.  healthy hair is much more important than long hair. i hate seeing chicks with their ends looking like mountain ranges just for the sake of having bra strap length hair.  kudos to you!

-i’m not sure if the blog entry linked above mentions it, and apparently i’m too lazy to check, but look into protein treatments to repair and protect your hair.  you’ll want to make sure you do plenty of reading on proteins and the hair first, because what works for one may not work for the next.  here’s some really awesome info on protein & protein sensitivity in natural hair.

-if length is what you’re after, look into heat-free ways to stretch your natural hair.  roller sets, twist sets, braid-outs and bantu knot outs are all ways to achieve both length and texture without using heat.  if you want length without texture, go head and holler at a weave.  ain’t no shame as long as it’s a good one.

good luck, and happy hairing!

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