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We got 99 problems but new growth ain't one. Hit me!

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Anonymous said: My hair broke off RLY bad due to a bad choice of hair products (pantene for women of color) any tips/products on how to grow this back fast! I use cantu daily oil moisturizer, olive oil/tea tree oil/cayenne pepper mixture, wild growth hair oil, and biotin.

oh no!  i’m sorry to hear that :(  it happens to the best of us, though.. everything ain’t for everybody, and i’m sure most of us have run into a product that ended up being just blatantly disrespectful. 

as far as growing hair back quickly, i’m of the opinion that there’s no secret or specific growth serum or oil or cream.  unless its like rogaine or something, and i have no idea how that works.  i really think the most important thing to speed along/encourage hair growth is healthy habits.  mind you, i could be totally wrong about this, but that’s just my humble opinion.

i cut my hair chin-length in 2010, and it’s now grown to reach the middle of my back.  this is due to genetics—my dad’s side of the family has lots and lots of hair—and also, i think, due to keeping it moisturized.  my hair has never grown as fast as it has since ive gone natural, and i attribute that to washing it more often and paying close attention to keeping it moisturized. 

here’s a post i did awhile ago with tips on how to keep hair moisturized, along with some of the products that i personally use.

as far as products that may specifically help encourage growth, i have heard wonders about castor oil, especially around the hair line.  ive even read that it works wonders for thickening eyebrows and growing longer, thicker lashes.  ive started using it on my temples where the hair is thinning myself.  here’s some detailed information about castor oil for hair growth.

there are also people who swear by anti-fungal creams, such as monistat, for hair growth, used by putting it on the scalp.  and while ago, Megatek, a product used to promote health in the coats and hooves of horses, was all the rage for growing long hair.  there are TONS of tips, tricks, and remedies out there, some sound crazy, some may work.  take a tip toe through google and see what you’re willing to try and what sounds too crazy.  lol.  but for me, the most basic thing i can think of is simply to feed it well, keep it clean, keep your ends trimmed and healthy, and give it an occasional rest with protective styling.

another option is pre-natal vitamins.  my doctor prescribed some for me for cheap because my fingernails were so weak and brittle.  i didnt take them long enough to notice any hair growth, but if youre interested, talk to your doctor! 

good luck!

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