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Perfect Locks clip-on bangs - review & giveaway!

so.  i looooove bangs, right.  but since i’m natural, it’s tough to keep and maintain them—they always look so cute when my hair is straight, but when i wear my hair curly, i look like a sheepdog, at best, and just plain weird at worst.  so awhile ago i said to myself, ‘i wish they had some clip on bangs so i could just wear them when i wanted them.’  a quick google search showed me that they do, in fact, exist.  woo!  i was way excited—until i looked at the price tag.  too rich for my blood, especially when they just may look a fool when i actually get them and put them in my head.

enter a right-on-time email from  PerfectLocks is, according to the website, “a leading retailer of premium virgin Indian hair, providing authentic human hair extensions at competitive prices to customers and salons around the world.”  they make all kinds of hair pieces—full wigs, half wigs, lacefronts, closures… and clip-on bangs!

they were kind enough to send me a piece to review, and i was super excited.  i was nervous too though—there is nothing that irks me more than seeing a pretty girl with an obvious horse mane on her head.  i am all in favor of wigs and weaves, as long as they look natural.  please don’t be out here in these streets looking like a Jerry Springer show guest.  so i really wanted to be able to blend the piece in with my natural hair.  they have a variety of colors available; i chose “natural black/brown” since my hair is a dark brown (with a slight red tint due to henna). 

my first observation:  these bangs are LONG.  they’re made more to be swept to the side rather than worn down straight over the eyebrows.  i was kind of dismayed by this because i am all about a big high bun and dramatic bangs, a la evelyn lozada on the last basketball wives reunion.  but the good news is that you can trim the bangs as you wish.  (i have an unsteady hand, so i didn’t trim mine.  yet.)

the bangs for the most part actually look natural, though i DID find them hard to blend in with my own straightened hair.  i think this is because my hair was a lot flatter than the bangs themselves.. they had some bounce and body, and my hair was bone straight.  they looked a little more natural after i flattened them some with a flat iron, and even MORE natural when i tied them down with a scarf.

i instagrammed these two pictures thinking they looked a little obvious, but most folks commenting said they looked natural and i could probably only tell the difference because it’s my hair.  that could be true.  and im positive that with more curl and body, they’ll blend in a LOT better than they do so far. 

and now, the bad:  there’s only one clip comb attached to the bangs with which to secure them to your head, right at the top.  they really should have put two more on there, one on each side, to help them lay better/more naturally.  with the one clip at the top, one good gust of wind and everybody knows your secret.  i tried to pin down the sides with a couple of bobby pins, but that just looked obvious and silly.

i still have some experimenting to do, but overall, i am totally in favor of these bangs.  they’re an easy, welcomed change to my normal look without having to commit to permanence or the awkwardness of cutting bangs into your natural hair.  they’re fun!  but, just make sure that the length of your hair is a silky as the bangs are.  keep it all on the same page!

and now the goodies:  i want to send YOU a free pair of Perfect Locks clip-on bangs!  the color is natural black/brown, which will likely blend well with deep dark shades of brown.

to enter, all you have to do isreblog this postAND/OR tweet the following message:

I’m changing up my look! I just entered to win some FREE clip-on bangs from & @brokeymcpoverty!

you get one entry for reblogging this post, and one for tweeting the above message.  a winner will be chosen at random onFRIDAY, OCTOBER 12atNOON.

good luck! 

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